Is 32 inch Monitor Too Big For Gaming

If you’re a gamer, you would definitely have heard about the 32-inch monitor craze. But is it really a good idea to go bigger? When choosing a monitor, the size is one of the most important considerations.

But what should be considered when deciding if a 32-inch monitor is too big for gaming? Well, it depends on your personal preference.

If you are into FPS gaming; requiring swift motor movements, a 32-inch display is not really for you since you will have to tilt your head a lot. However, a large display works exceptionally well for slow-paced games such as Fortnite and Minecraft.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes a 32-inch monitor great for gamers and what to look out for if you’re thinking about purchasing one.

Is 32-Inch Monitor Too Big For Gaming?

As long as you have enough desk space to store this giant, you are good to go. Besides, who doesn’t love extra screen real estate to play games?

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There are many reasons why a 32-inch monitor can be a good investment. First, there’s the fact that it’s bigger. When you’re playing games, you need as much screen real estate as possible. Hence, a 32-inch monitor is a great option because it provides a lot more room for your game than a smaller monitor.

Gaming on 32-inch monitor

It also offers a better viewing experience than a 24 or 27-inch monitor. You can use it for gaming, watching movies, playing games, and even working from home on it. Do you still think a 32-inch monitor is too big for gaming for all the value it provides? We don’t think so!

Pros and Cons of 32 Inch Monitors


More room to play

A 32-inch monitor complements Playstation and Xbox perfectly, providing all gaming elements on one screen. If you have a lot of space in your living room, a 32-inch monitor would be a great choice.


Beyond just being able to see more of what’s going on on-screen, a larger monitor also provides a more immersive experience. This allows you to focus on the game for hours without being distracted.

Better field of view

A single, large 32-inch monitor is a better option compared to multi-monitor setups since it provides you with all that you need on one screen. You get to play games at their maximum potential without having to move your head around a lot.


Requires higher resolution

While a 24-inch monitor provides great results even with 1080p, a 32-inch display requires a higher resolution to compete with the quality.

Although the resolution is the same, a 32-inch monitor has a larger screen area, and thus, requires more pixels to draw.

More distance from the screen

If you have adequate space for your setup, a 32-inch monitor still might be too big for you. With the increase in screen size, you will also have to increase the distance between the screen and you for an optimal field of vision. The recommended distance for a 32-inch monitor is between 2 to 4 feet, which may be a lot for small places.

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There is no specific answer to “Is a 32-inch monitor too big for gaming?” Nonetheless, if you can afford it, and have enough space to store it; there is no reason why you should hold back on getting one!