Best 32 inch monitor under 300

To acquire a good monitor, you don’t necessarily need to spend much money. The 32 inch monitor may give a good experience for most uses, even though it often lacks more complex capabilities. Smaller and frequently limited to 1080p HD, monitors in this price range are suitable for recreational gaming or sporadic use.

Because there are so many elements to consider when choosing the most significant monitor, selecting a sizable monitor within a reasonable price range is difficult. It appears to be more challenging to choose the best product from the many brands accessible due to the crowded market.

We’ve made it simple and provided a convenient guide that lists the 7 best 32 inch monitors under 300, satisfying the user’s requirement for affordability with the key characteristics required to do the task quickly and effectively.

Top 7 Best 32 Inch Monitors Under 300

This article will review all the top monitors you can buy for $300 or less. Even if you didn’t enter this post with a prior understanding of display technology, we’d give a brief buying guide in addition to in-depth analyses and reviews of each to assist you in making an informed purchase.






LG 32QN600-B

32 Inches

75 Hz


32 Inches

165 Hz

Pixio PXC327

32 Inches

165 Hz


32 Inches

165 Hz

ViewSonic VX3276-MHD

32 Inches

60 Hz

Samsung S70A 4K Monitor

32 Inches

60 Hz

LG 32ML600M-B

32 Inches

75 Hz

Editors Pick:

Even though there are a lot of 32 inch monitors available, we strongly advise the LG 32QN600-B Monitor for rapid games and the ViewSonic 32 Inch VX3276-MHD Monitor for visually demanding games and productivity tasks and essential video production. However, only the LG 32QN600-B Monitor wins the title of best 32 inch monitor under $300.

Reviews Of The Best Budget 32 Inch Monitor

1. LG 32QN600-B – Best 32 Inch IPS Monitor Under 300

LG 32QN600-B 32-Inch Monitor

With Class QHD 2560 x 1440 IPS resolution and a 32 inch display, the LG 32QN600-B is a well-designed 32 inch best computer monitor under 300 that is ideal for projecting and watching HD images and improved visual quality.

The sRGB 99 percent Colour Gamut with HDR 10 Compatible feature was included by manufacturers to improve the quality of all projected content for a wider viewing angle. Most of the top monitors will be AMD Free Sync models with a 3-Side, nearly frameless design for a svelte and attractive view, increasing the appearance of your workspace.

High-level gamers and streamers can enjoy a pro-level gaming experience on this high-performance gadget. The greatest alternative for professional gamers, it also offers quick and seamless operation thanks to its 1 ms reaction time and 144 Hz refresh rate.

For the monitor to function correctly and deliver excellent performance, you must configure it to the correct setting. To prevent flickering, set the graphics and resolution following the recommended manuals.

Red, green, blue, white, or black pixelated dots may occasionally be seen. No need for panic! Choosing an LCD screen is typical and won’t affect how well your gadget performs.

Enjoy clearer, higher-resolution streaming and viewing on your monitor while you relax.

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  • Affordable
  • Elegant Design
  • High resolution
  • Reliable
  • sRGB 99%
  • Flickering issue
  • Image leaving shadow tail

2. AOC C32G2 Monitor – Best 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor

AOC C32G2 32

The AOC C32G2, the ideal 32 inch monitor under $300, combines cutting-edge built-in technology, AMD Free Sync Premium, and sleek design to deliver the best experience for gamers seeking an immersive gaming environment and ultra-quick and smooth gameplay.

An immersive viewing experience is offered by its frameless, curved screen with a stylish design. This monitor’s 300-pixel resolution and millions of stunning colours produce beautiful visuals with HD image quality that depict real-life scenes.

It is a worthwhile investment for those who enjoy gaming on large, reasonably priced screens with premium features and a built-in FHD 19201080 resolution VA panel for high-quality images.

Why are they so sleek and straightforward to wall mount? It is recommended to hang your monitor on walls without any problems due to the built-in VESA-compliant mounting capability. Check out its incredible 3-sided frameless design, which guarantees the best multi-monitor configuration. Manufacturers included a height-adjustable stand to enable users to adjust quickly, spin, or tilt the display to their preferred height.

It is the best 32 inch curved gaming monitor because of its strong performance and ergonomic design. They are more potent than typical monitors in terms of performance. They have a quick 1ms Smart response time and a 165Hz ultra-fast refresh rate to deliver the smoother, lag-free gaming experience that users want. You won’t experience the ghosting phase when utilizing your machine because of its quick response time.

Gamers choose it for highly realistic, immersive, and high-quality gaming experiences.

  • Slim and sleek design
  • The high refresh rate for a smoother experience
  • Under 300
  • Zero Dead Pixel Policy over 03 years
  • No HDR

3. Pixio PXC327 32 inch Curved Monitor

Pixio PXC327-Best 32 inch Monitor Under 300

Although the Pixio PX329 is an outstanding monitor, there are some restrictions. The VA panel used by this 32 inch monitor has surprisingly superb colour and sharpness and displays dark situations with particular clarity. It retains a PPI of 91, making it appropriate for use at a standard viewing distance.

However, for most games (primarily first-person shooters), we might advise sitting a little further away from this one so you can see the entire screen at once.

The usual critical features of FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility are present in addition to the decent PPI and size, and most amazingly, this monitor even supports a stunning 165 Hz! Not bad, you’d say?

This Monitor’s VA screen is more prone to poor pixel response times than a TN or IPS panel. As a result of the VA panel’s high pixel response time, which is longer than the official specification, real-world testing by Hardware Unboxed has shown that this monitor’s effective refresh rate is closer to 120 Hz than 165 or 144 Hz.

Even so, that’s still rather impressive for this price range; it’s still the best 32 inch 1440p monitor under 300 in this category. Because of this, we can still suggest the Pixio PX329 with some confidence, especially if you also want to use your display for console gaming.

  • AMD Radeon FreeSync Premium & G-Sync Compatible
  • Decent black levels
  • Eye Saver Mode
  • Fast 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • Backlight bleed on the outside edge of the bezel

4. GIGABYTE G32QC – Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitor Under $300

GIGABYTE G32QC A Gaming Monitor

Under a $300 budget, the GIGABYTE G32QC is one of the best 32 inch gaming monitors. Its superior curved design enhances both your gaming and home office experiences. This high-tech gadget includes an LED monitor with a 2560 x 1440 VA Display Full HD resolution.

Why are they so svelte and straightforward to wall mount? It is recommended to hang your monitor on walls without any problems due to the built-in VESA-compliant mounting capability. Don’t overlook its incredible inherent curvature design, which guarantees immersive viewing.

Just wow! Excellent viewing angles are strengthened for clear, high-quality photos and accurate colour reproduction by HDR400 and 93 percent DCI-P3. Thanks to AMD Free Sync Premium Pro, gaming will be quick and fluid for consumers.

Last but not least, the device includes OSD Sidekick and GIGABYTE Classic Tactical features to improve productivity.

With a 165 Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms Response Time, the GIGABYTE G32QC is a high-performance gaming monitor ideally suited for household and pro-level gamers who want to start the game quickly, smoothly, and effectively.

  • Durable
  • Fast response and refresh rate
  • High performance
  • High-quality image
  • Presence of OSD Sidekick
  • No adjustable stand
  • No blue light filter

5. ViewSonic 32 Inch VX3276-MHD Monitor

ViewSonic 32 Inch 1080p IPS Monitor

Another best 32 inch monitor under 300 is the ViewSonic 32 inch model, which features a sleek, modern design, a 1920x1080p high-resolution IPS display, and two speakers for the best audio quality and gaming experience. It has built-in eye care technology that includes an anti-flickering feature to shield users’ eyes from the damaging blue light of monitors all day long.

It offers the best design to its users. By downloading the most recent version of the software from the official website, you may use View Sonic to split the screens into several displays with ease. The ViewSonic 32 Inch is the best option if you need a screen-splitting 32 inch monitor for gaming because the other models lack this capability.

With DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA ports, the ViewSonic 32′′ VX3276-MHD is compatible with and supported by most of your laptops, desktops, PCs, and Macs. After making a successful purchase, an LCD Monitor and related accessories, such as a power cable and HDMI cable, will be sent to you.

Performance data for the 32′′ ViewSonic VX3276-MHD is approaching. ViewSonic is a superior investment since it combines excellent performance, style, and a sleek design to give your office a sophisticated look.

The brightness is 250 cd/m2, and the video signaling frequency is improved. They are high-performance devices (75 Hz) for office work, gaming, and entertainment because of their quick response times and better refresh rates.

The immersive movie experience provided by this monitor is ideal for home entertainment, video games, multimedia applications, and office or home duties.

  • 03 years warranty
  • Blue light filter
  • Edge-to-edge frameless design
  • Elegant stand
  • Eye care protection technology
  • High performance
  • Backlight bleed issue
  • No volume control for built-in speakers

6. SAMSUNG UHD Monitor – Best 32 Inch 4K Monitor

SAMSUNG 32 Inch 4K UHD Monitor

Get the best viewing experience on your PC! The Samsung S70A 4K monitor is a big step up from 1080p monitors and offers a virtually borderless 3-sided design with a sharper image, wider viewing angles & HDR 10. This is the best monitor for work and play. The 32 inch ultrawide monitor offers a generous 16:9 aspect ratio and 3840 x 2160 resolution that provides clear and sharp images, regardless of what content you are viewing.

Whether you’re a graphics designer, architect, trader, or someone just looking for a new computer monitor, this Samsung is for you. Get the most out of your workspace by utilizing the ultra-wide viewing experience on this best budget 32 inch 4K monitor. It’s perfect for rendering your next design project or catching up on last night’s game. It also comes with an eye-saver mode which helps to protect your eyes against excessive blue light.

  • 4K resolution
  • Flicker-free
  • HDR 10 Support
  • Affordable price
  • TUV-Certified Intelligent Eye Care Technology
  • No height adjustment stand

7. LG 32ML600M-B – Best Budget 32″ IPS Monitor

LG 32ML600M-B 32” Inch IPS LED Monitor

The LG 32ML600M-B LED Monitor offers high-definition visuals with HDR 10 support and a 95% color gamut. With its 32 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS display, this monitor is sure to dazzle you with its sharp images and vivid colors. This best budget 32 inch monitor has an on-screen control with a screen split to allow multiple users to view the same content at the same time.

And if that’s not enough, this monitor also comes equipped with a built-in speaker so you can easily watch movies or TV shows without having to use headphones. With its wall mountable feature, this monitor is perfect for any space in your home. So whatever you need for entertainment, this monitor has got you covered!

With a brightness of 240 cd/m², it’ll provide plenty of light to see everything on the screen without straining your eyes.

Overall, the LG 32ML600M is a great choice if you need a 32″ screen monitor for everyday use. The IPS panel delivers a wide color gamut and will make it easier to navigate while watching videos and surfing the web.

  • Good quality image with HDR 10 support
  • Has an on screen control for multiple users
  • Compatible with VESA mount
  • Affordable price
  • Tilt-only stand
  • Built-in speakers are not very good

How to Choose the best 32 inch monitor Under 300? Buying Guide

What size do you need?

32 inches is a good size for a cheap monitor because it allows for enough screen space while fitting on a desk. Consider 28 inch and 27 inch screens if you don’t need to share the screen. They are widespread in this price range and typically less expensive.

Decide the monitor’s primary purpose

Higher frame rates, Adaptive-Sync (AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync), and a powerful graphics card are priorities for gaming. For medium settings at 4K, you need to have at least a GTX 1070 Ti or RX Vega 64; for high or superior settings, you should have an RTX series or Radeon VII. Opt for high contrast to get the best visual quality for general productivity or pleasure. Accuracy should be a goal for creatives.

Errors below 3 Delta E (dE) are typically undetectable by the human eye.

For instance, colours on display with a 5dE colour error almost certainly appear noticeably off. For creative work, accuracy comes first.

Do you need HDR?

On a 4K panel with the proper HDR implementation, 4K/HDR content appears much better than it would on a typical SDR monitor. Even though many 4K monitors support HDR, only a few inexpensive models make it noticeable. Consider increasing your budget or selecting a lower resolution if you want a monitor that is worth the HDR upgrade.

Consider ports and other features

Do you require the most recent DisplayPort (1.4) or HDMI 2.1? What value do you place on USB Type-A ports? Do you prefer a system with just one cable or USB-C for charging? The speakers and the stand’s capacity to tilt, rotate, or elevate are other factors.


Is 32 inches a good size for a monitor?

The ideal gaming monitor size is 32 inches if you want something even more significant because it provides extra room while preserving the 16:9 aspect ratio. Although it’s not the most popular size, several choices are available with various features, so there is something for everyone.

Which is better, IPS or LED?

Regardless of where you have been seated, an IPS display offers a sharper and clearer image than conventional LED panels. On the other hand, an LED monitor has less consistency and precision in colour contrast.

Are 32 inches too big for a monitor?

A 32 inch monitor is typically too big for intense gaming, but it can work well for some office work, multimedia consumption, and general use. With huge monitors, eye strain can be severe, especially if your desk isn’t deep. Click here for a more detailed guide about this topic.


This list of the best 32 inch monitor under 300 has been put together to assist you in making the best decision. But try not to focus too much on the specifics as you go. The vast majority of the models on the list are sufficient for most uses.

Except in cases where you seek the monitor for a particular necessity, the drawbacks we described frequently have little impact on the overall usefulness.

The monitors are unique, even in the same price range. To accommodate the requirements of all users, they each offer a variety of functions.

Consider your needs for a monitor, carefully read all the reviews, and good luck making your decision.