Best Monitor For Revit

Seeing the full potential of Revit, a professional architecture design program demands a high-powered computer and a high-quality monitor. The display must have powerful specs to load and process complicated graphics without a hitch.

The monitor you use to develop architectural drawings should have a high resolution, excellent colour quality, and broad viewing angles to focus on the finer details while you work on larger projects. To save your time and money, this post has compiled a list of the best monitor for Revit. We have compiled this collection of objective ratings and testimonials to save you time and effort.

Does a 4K display need to be used by architects?

Even if you don’t have a use for it, a 4K ultra high definition in-plane switching (IPS) screen will provide you with a picture that is clearer and more accurate. 4K displays will be of significant use to creative professionals like architects, designers, and artists working with various colour palettes and viewing angles.

Another advantage of using 4K resolves is that it lets you see even the most minute. This makes it easier to avoid making mistakes in your job. In addition, architects who use software such as Revit might significantly benefit from using 4K panels due to the high contrast ratio and increased screen brightness that these displays provide.

Best Monitors for Revit 2022

The following monitors each have their own set of distinguishing characteristics that distinguish them from competing choices regarding how smoothly they run Revit.






HP 24mh FHD Monitor

23.8 Inches

75 Hz

Sceptre E248W

24 Inches

60 Hz

BenQ PD2700U

27 Inches

60 Hz

Samsung CF390 Series

27 Inches

60 Hz

Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX

27 Inches

60 Hz

Reviews Of The Best Computer Monitor For Revit

1. HP 24mh FHD Monitor

HP 24mh FHD Monitor

Since HP is among the most well-known electronic firms in the world, it is not surprising that the company’s monitors are among the most trustworthy available on the market: One of the reasons why HP has earned a spot on this list. The HP 24mh is a monitor designed to meet the majority of users’ requirements while remaining affordable for those customers.

Because it features a 23.8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 and a refresh rate of 75 hertz, you can be sure that the whole viewing experience will be quite pretty fluid.

In addition, it is compatible with VESA mounting systems, and features speakers integrated right in. You may adjust the angle of your display to one that is more comfortable for you by swiveling it or tilting it.

They include connectivity choices like HDMI and DisplayPort, which makes it a readily accessible monitor. Combined with its borderless design on three sides, it has the right aesthetic for any setting. Aside from that, it has a viewing angle of around 178 degrees and generates a low blue light, enabling you to work late at night without the risk of your eyes being harmed.

  • 2-watt built-in speakers
  • An IPS display with a high contrast ratio.
  • DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA ports are available.
  • Height, pivot, and tilt adjustments are available on the stand.
  • sRGB colour coverage is excellent.
  • One Year warranty.
  • Brightness fell short of expectations.

2. Sceptre E248W-19203R Monitor

Sceptre E248W-19203R Monitor

Sceptre is another display producer that merits a spot on this list of the best monitors for Revit because the company’s monitors are of extraordinarily high quality and come with various features. This display from Sceptre lives up to Sceptre’s reputation for producing high-quality monitors and makes an excellent monitor that will present purchasers with an attractive investment opportunity.

When it comes to the aspect of features, the first thing we have a look at is the high resolution that it provides, which is 1080p. When combined with the monitor’s refresh rate of 75Hz, this high resolution is sure to give you a fluid experience with very little latency.

It is a 24″ monitor with a skinny bezel and has an overall modern metallic design that gives it a very sleek aspect. In terms of its structure, it has an effortless and straightforward appearance. This particular display features a connection option that consists of two HDMI connectors.

In addition, it is VESA compatible, which enables it to be adjusted freely according to the user’s preferences thanks to its swivel and tilt capabilities. Last but not least, it boasts a lightning-quick reaction time of just five milliseconds, which renders action sequences with the highest possible level of precision. The luminance is 250 cd/m2, and the viewing angle is 175 degrees; therefore, the brightness is relatively high.

  • Excellent grayscale performance.
  • Fast response time.
  • Great connectivity options.
  • Pricing is reasonable.
  • Sleek and Shiny design.
  • No advanced colour adjustments.
  • No swivel adjustment.

3. BenQ 27″ 4K Monitor

BenQ PD2700U 27 Inch 4K Monitor

The computer monitors produced by BenQ are universally acknowledged as being among the best available on the market. This best 4k monitor for Revit was developed with the requirements of a designer, and it has vivid colours and a clear, high-resolution screen. It is, without a doubt, the most impressive multitasking monitor that can be purchased for architects.

The colour display capabilities of this BenQ computer monitor were the primary selling point for us when considering whether or not to purchase it. The AQCOLOUR technology and 3840 x 2160 resolution of this monitor allow for the display of colours that are true to life.

The fact that the monitor has been confirmed by Pantone and has received the Calman certification will benefit graphic artists. On the other side, it became clear that the Revit/CAM mode was necessary for architects and artists working on technical drawings. As a consequence of this, it is possible to make out shapes and lines on the screen as a result of the suitable brightness and contrast settings.

In addition, the BenQ computer display allows you to experiment with several professional modes, which enables you to personalize your experience according to your requirements. Even if you work for extended periods, you won’t become fatigued since the monitor has technology that reduces the amount of blue light it emits.

  • Doesn’t wear out your eyes.
  • Dual-view mode is supported.
  • High-definition visuals
  • Sleek design with a narrow bezel
  • No broad gamut support.

4. Samsung CF390 Monitor

Samsung CF390 Series 27 inch Curved Monitor

Because Samsung consistently produces monitors of the highest quality and performance, it is nearly difficult to create a list of Revit’s best monitors without including at least one Samsung product.

The Samsung CF390 operates similarly and has remarkable features that are certain to capture your interest. This display device features a screen that is 27 inches in size, has a curvature of 1800 degrees, a high resolution of 1920 by 1080, and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The curved screen provides a totally immersive experience, which also offers excellent viewing angles.

It provides simple and lightning-fast connections to other devices and comes with various outstanding connectivity choices, such as HDMI connectors and VGA ports. In addition to that, it features eye-saver technology and flicker-free technology, both of which help to lessen the amount of strain that is placed on the eyes.

As a result of its compatibility with VESA standards, it provides a high level of adaptability in terms of tilting and swivelling the monitor so that it may be positioned in a manner that is most comfortable for your neck as you work. These features allow for a more enjoyable experience overall.

  • Bright for a low-cost monitor.
  • Excellent sRGB colour coverage.
  • Curved Screen with High refresh rates.
  • Miniature joystick controller.
  • Limited Port selection.
  • Minor tilt adjustment on the stand.

5. Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX Monitor

Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX 27-Inch Monitor

If you are using Revit and demand the highest possible picture quality, you should look closely at the Ultrasharp. This display has a coverage of 99% of the sRGB color space, maintains consistent coloring, and has a high resolution, all of which produce gorgeous images.

This combination is supported by a refresh rate of 60 Hz, a screen with a vivid 27-inch display, and exceptional design quality. Among the most well-known manufacturers of personal computers, Dell has an excellent collection to show its popularity. This program is going to be a favorite of all Revit users.

However, the stand is a little bit flimsy, and there is a possibility of some backlight bleeding. Nevertheless, the fantastic display and images that leap out of the screen make it easy to look beyond these disadvantages.

  • Complete ergonomic options set.
  • High level of sRGB color accuracy
  • You can daisy-chain two QHD (1440p) displays.
  • USB-C connection is missing
  • Luminosity readings were far lower than expected.

Buying guide for the best monitor for Revit

It is possible to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of displays offered. There is no need to be concerned because we have compiled a list of considerations to bear while shopping for the best monitor for Revit, which may also be helpful for painters and architects.


One of the first features to consider when shopping for a new monitor is the display’s resolution. Naturally, we like monitors with a 4K or more excellent solution since they produce the crispest and most detailed pictures.

If you can’t afford a high-definition (UHD) monitor, a 1920 x 1080-pixel (FHD) panel is the very least you should have. In any project involving 3D models or designs, the resolution is crucial. Additionally, a monitor with good colour accuracy will provide more colorful and clear pictures.


It is advantageous to have a large screen size if the display’s resolution is suitably high. Anything beyond 1080p is suitable for presentations up to 32 inches. A larger screen will lessen the number of times you accidentally touch buttons and the amount of eye strain you experience when performing repetitive tasks.

Panel Type

IPS, TN, and VA are just a few of the many panel types used in computer monitors. It has recently surpassed all other in-plane switching technologies in popularity (IPS). We think this is the best screen for viewing construction plans and artists because of its broad viewing angle and vivid colors. Even though they’re more money, most professionals advise getting an IPS display.

However, if you’re searching for a panel with a greater contrast ratio and refresh rate, you may want to choose a vertical Alignment (VA) panel. Contrarily, TN panels are highly recommended for people needing a high-quality, budget-friendly display.


The ultrawide display has emerged as the instrument of choice for our work needs. Because more screen real estate is on the edges, it is a snap to dock other devices that boost productivity and open additional windows.

Connectivity Ports

If you intend to use your computer for design work, you must ensure it has the appropriate ports. They are helpful when different displays or input devices are required and can be beneficial in specific scenarios.

As a result, you want to constantly search for monitors that come equipped with HDMI, Thunderbolt, dual-link DVI, and DisplayPort ports. DisplayPort 2.0 is a technology that is still relatively new in the market; therefore, we strongly urge that you check into it if you want to improve your current setup.

Colour Range

More important than having a wide range of colours represented in your Revit project than sRGB coverage is the accuracy of the colors you use when rendering your models. Keep in mind that most displays have extremely inaccurate color calibration.


What is the best monitor size for Revit work?

The size of your Revit display is essential. Using Revit, for instance, on a laptop screen is not optimal. If your living quarters are already on the short side, you should also avoid having a huge TV screen. In any case, a monitor size of 23 inches or more will be adequate to show off your sketches.

Are curved screens suitable for Revit?

It’s a dream come true to use it for tracking vehicles in Revit. It’s like using three massive monitors at once. Once I understood it, I wished I had transitioned to curved sooner. All the information I found pointed to the adverse effects that curved lines have on straight ones.

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You may rest assured that any of the displays above will be able to handle whatever Revit tasks you throw at them.

Your efficiency will skyrocket thanks to their high pixel densities and sizable displays. After you’ve had some time to prepare, switch to an ultra-wide monitor. Does it fare better than the more common 16:9 ratio? Leave a comment below and let us know!