Best Monitor For Migraines Sufferers

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, you’ve certainly given it some thought concerning your eyes. You’ve probably already considered the best monitor for migraines sufferers. If not, keep reading because I’ll share some information with you!

For the past eight years, I’ve spent around 11 hours a day in front of the computer for work, gaming, and watching Netflix. In the event of a COVID pandemic in 2020, I worked much more on the computer, up to 16 hours a day, and became increasingly aware of how tired my eyes and head become after work.

After inspecting and discussing it with my colleagues, I determined what was wrong with my monitor. It was useless that my first one was a low-end Dell model. I got a refund and did additional research before selecting the ASUS model recommended in this post.

Our top recommendations aren’t just the best but also the most effective. You’ll discover how and why they help you live a healthy, energetic life while avoiding wasted time and money on poor options.

Can computer screens give you migraines?

The query is genuine. It’s because monitors emit radiation such as blue light, X-rays, and UV radiation. All of this begins when you spend a long time looking at a screen. When radiation exposure goes above the permitted level, it can cause harm to your tissues, particularly the retina and cornea.

Although the eyes are the most afflicted location, it ultimately produces migraines and headaches. The primary cause is the eye; tension in the eye muscles is why the head hurts after looking at a computer display. This continual rapid shifting puts strain on the brain. As a result, extended periods of high mental activity will result in headaches and eyestrain.

Do blue light filters help migraines?

Wearing BluTech lenses daily can help migraine sufferers minimize their attacks, make them less severe, and reduce their eyes’ tiredness due to the stimulating light.

Comparison Table for Top 5 Best Monitors for Migraine Sufferers







24 Inches

165 Hz


27 Inches

75 Hz

SAMSUNG Odyssey G3

32 Inches

165 Hz

ViewSonic OMNI XG2705

27 Inches

144 Hz


24.5 Inches

165 Hz

Editors Pick

I’ll assist you in picking the finest monitor for your needs if time is of the essence. You can rely on us to make the most of your limited resources! We believe the ASUS VG248QG Gaming Monitor is the best monitor for migraines sufferers, visually demanding games and productivity activities, and essential video production. It provides complete eye protection and reduces migraines by giving you complete eye safety.

1. ASUS VG248QG Gaming Monitor


You’ve had enough of the headaches that come from using the monitor. The ASUS VG24QG is the ideal solution for avoiding this problem. This monitor is good for reducing eye strain and headaches thanks to its unique design.

It’s usually a gaming display with a variety of eye-safe settings. The 24-inch flat-screen allows for a clear image. When we saw this ASUS monitor, we didn’t expect much, and we were blown away by the high level of performance and attention to detail.

This display also has a plethora of features. A response time of 0.5 milliseconds is ideal if you’re searching for lightning-fast games. High-definition pictures with a resolution of 1080p are created, and NVIDIA G sync technology prevents image tearing and stuttering on this display.

The display brightness is also adjustable. The black levels are not only deep but also accurate and solid. Furthermore, the blue light filter makes the picture more appealing. HDMI, DP, and Dual-link DVI-D connections are also included in the feature set. We believe this monitor is worthy of your consideration based on.

  • Eye care aided
  • G sync adaptive
  • HDMI and Display ports
  • Highly responsive
  • Flickering images on a black background
  • These aren’t high-end speakers.

2. ASUS VY279HE Eye Care Monitor

ASUS VY279HE 27” Eye Care Monitor

It has a 5-millisecond response time, which should be enough for all but gaming. While you may play games casually on this screen, eye strain might occur if you do so for lengthy periods. The monitor has a higher refresh rate than most other monitors: 75 Hz.

Fewer than half of all applications are constructed with 75 frames per second in mind, so when performing activities like gaming or watching films with lots of fast-moving visual components, you might observe some blurring or tearing.

However, this display features Flicker-Free technology, which should largely or entirely solve the abovementioned problems. Because we discovered no issues with it during our extensive testing, it’s a great choice for individuals who are blind or have limited eyesight.

This monitor has a viewing angle of up to 178 degrees. At first sight, the view appears very nice, but you should proceed with caution when doing so.

It doesn’t matter how wide the monitor’s viewing angle is advertised; the closer you sit, the less strain your eyes will feel. As a result, it’s an excellent computer display for individuals with poor eyesight or who are blind.

  • Affordable
  • Changes the orientation to portrait
  • Perfect for a night of gaming
  • The contrast ratio is excellent.
  • There are several connections.
  • Lacks sRGB emulation, USB hub, and PWM lighting control.

3. SAMSUNG Odyssey G3 Ultrawide Monitor


Samsung Odyssey is the best high-performance monitor, despite the fact that it’s second to none. You’ll be able to view a well-detailed picture on a 32-inch ultra-wide screen. Furthermore, a 165Hz refresh rate will benefit gaming and programming, enabling the screen to update often.

We’ve been testing this product for a long time and are now more entrenched than ever. The visually designed, 1500R curved screen of this monitor minimizes eye strain. Because the curved surfaces demand less attention than the flat ones, it’s a superior display. The next amazing feature is image quality, and it has premium free sync, which delivers smooth and sleek pictures without ghosting. Also, when displayed, this technology prevents signal tearing.

Then comes the eye saver function, which is quite essential. This mode not only reduces blue light but also filters it. In that perspective, you’ll have a more comfortable image view with less strain on the eyes. The ZF technology (Zero Flicker) produces clear virtual signals that are vision safe and free of distortion.

Finally, the stunning display of blacks and whites includes deeper, more brilliant shapes. We propose you choose this SAMSUNG monitor with a beautiful three-sided borderless screen for a stunning appearance.

  • Borderless display design
  • Dark see-through support
  • Eye safe technology
  • Premium Free sync technology
  • No built-in speakers
  • Backlight bleeding

4. ViewSonic OMNI XG2705 Monitor

ViewSonic OMNI XG2705

The ViewSonic OMNI XG2705 is a technological marvel that holds a very special place in the tech world. It will almost certainly be the finest of all. It is jam-packed with cutting-edge and vision safety technology, making it an appealing option. We’ve used this gadget in person, so we’re well-known for our indelible screen. It’s not bragging if it has a lot of appealing characteristics.

Then there’s the 27-inch ultra-widescreen size, which provides a clear image view. Its 1080p screen resolution, as well as a high-definition display. It’s an esports monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time.

Furthermore, the screen will not flicker. The safe vision mode is ideal for avoiding digital eye strain, which can cause headaches and CVS. As a result, you’ll see a clear picture with CRISPR-enabled viewing.

The ViewSonic gaming monitor has free sync technology for less or no image tearing. A three-sided ultra-thin frameless design gives you a greater picture view with a three-sided ultra-thin frameless design. As a result, we highly suggest purchasing this best gaming monitor under 250 that is appropriate for professional usage.

  • Advanced ergonomics
  • E-sports-based display
  • Eye safe technology
  • Premium free sync
  • Low contrast ratio
  • The audio quality isn’t good enough

5. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S Monitor

BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S 24.5

Do you want a monitor that won’t cause head or eye strain and is safe for your eyes? You’ve hit the nail on the head. BenQ’s MOBIUZ EX2510S is probably ideal for you. The HDRi-optimized gaming monitor works wonderfully with Free Sync Premium games. As a result, the screen will not stutter. We also tested this monitor previously.

Nonetheless, we are still enchanted by this magnificent and feature-rich monitor. The blue light in vision-safe mode is changed to warmer ones, reducing eye strain. This monitor is designed to help you avoid headaches caused by extended screen use, and its anti-glare screen is 24.5 inches. As a result, you will be protected against CVS and digital eye strain syndrome risks.

The BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S 1ms response time is ideal for competitive gaming. The built-in speakers provide a decent sound level with three sound settings, and HDMI and Display ports also offer high connectivity across various devices.

The stand may be adjusted vertically, allowing you to customize the viewing angle. It also includes a height-adjustable stand. Finally, this ASUS monitor will be fantastic since it is easy and pleasant to use.

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  • Dual 2.5watt speakers
  • Eye care mode
  • Height and tilt stand
  • Premium free sync
  • Constant screen flickering
  • HDR quality isn’t true
  • No contrast gamut

Best Computer Monitor For Migraines: Buying Guide

We considered many factors while selecting the best monitor for migraines, one of which was the specification. All computer monitors for migraines are labeled with a suggested usage duration, and we looked at the baseline.

We compared the prices of each product after that. As we looked at all of the computer monitors for migraines on the market today, we concentrated on mobility and connectivity above everything else.


Choosing the best computer monitor for migraines might be influenced by cost. Although a product may be less expensive, it might still be low-quality, leading to undesired side effects. You may pick from a range of computer monitors that are both low-cost and provide the features you want.


When you spend a significant sum of money on a product, you should ensure it is as useful to you as possible. When purchasing a computer monitor for migraines, the device’s durability is one of the most crucial things to consider.

Look for companies that provide long warranties, assurances, and high-quality items. An inexpensive computer display for migraines may last you a few months, but it won’t survive for many years of usage. A new computer screen for migraines might not be affordable monthly, so you could consider spending a little more on a superior monitor for migraines and eliminating maintenance fees.

Eye-Caring Technology

Blue light is the most important concern when it comes to preventing your eyesight from prolonged computer usage. The wavelength of blue light emitted by most computer displays is quite damaging to the eyes.

Fortunately, software advancements have enabled it to filter out much of that blue light, protecting your eyes from additional harm. How considerate of the monitoring businesses! They may not make money if all of their consumers go blind.

Another consideration is flickering. Monitors function by switching on and off rapidly in succession, creating the illusion that they are still pictures when they are moving too quickly for your eyes to perceive.

Ease Of Use

There are many wonderful things to discover, each with its advantages and drawbacks. There’s nothing wrong with it; however, make sure you pick something that works for you. If you’ve ever used a computer display for headaches before, you should be able to maneuver it easily. Due to this, a few of them are somewhat tough to use alone.

However, on the other side of the ocean, the technology is quite amazing. You don’t have to do it very often when you utilize a computer screen for migraines.

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The Verdict

This post is, without a doubt, effective because it offers several solutions to choosing the finest computer monitor for migraines. You’ve gone through the post and discovered what items you’d need. The five best monitors for migraines listed above can be used to meet a variety of requirements. We’ve concentrated on choosing the finest option for a particular purpose in this section, and it isn’t easy to choose the finest one from this list.

Read reviews and compare products to help you decide which product is best for you. It would help if you got a computer monitor with excellent ratings that match your demands. This is the place to go if you’re looking to replace an old one!