Are curved monitors good for CAD?

If you are an AutoCAD technician, architecture, or Draughtsperson, you would know the difference a good-quality monitor makes. Curved monitors have recently gained popularity in the electronics sector, particularly among gamers, graphic designers, and video editors. The reason is their immersive, strain-free display.

This brings us to the question, Are curved monitors good for CAD? You may be asking whether a curved display monitor is the greatest choice for developing the best designs and mappings. That’s what I’m here to tell you. We’ll go through all aspects related to this topic in this article.

Curved vs. flat monitors, which one is better?

The ultrawide curved monitor, in essence, allows our eyes to take in everything at once without effort. It comes in opposition to flat screens, which, depending on the size, may cause eyestrain if the screen exceeds a viewer’s natural field of view.

Curved monitor for 3D modeling is becoming common day by day. 3D modeling on curved monitors uses all three dimensions to its advantage. They also broaden the scope of peripheral vision. On the other hand, flat monitors provide a less immersive experience because they don’t require peripheral vision.

Does Curved Monitor more suitable for Autocad?

Are curved monitors good for CAD? Yes! Most graphic designers and AutoCAD users prefer a curved monitor because it gives complete immersion. As a designer, you must be completely involved in the screen to notice the finest details and ensure that the graphics are free of errors and flaws.

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Things to consider while looking for a Curved Monitor for CAD

Here are some requirements you should focus on when looking for the best monitor for CAD:


The display’s resolution is an essential component of the quality of imagery that a curved monitor will produce. Today, the recommended monitor resolution is at least 1080P HD quality. Getting an ultrawide monitor for AutoCAD with 1440P or even 4K resolution is nice, but prices seem to rise significantly with greater resolutions. Hence, if you are on a budget, stick to 1080p resolution.

Thin Bezel

If you want to get the best monitor for AutoCAD, you’ll need as much screen real estate as possible. In this regard, a monitor with a thin bezel greatly helps. The monitor’s edges are known as bezels, and the thinner they are, the more screen space you have.

Refresh Rate

If you want to play video games on your computer, the monitor’s aspect ratio 60Hz refresh rate may not be enough to keep up with the rapid pace of demands. Instead, get yourself a monitor refresh rate for CAD that refreshes at 144 Hz.

Pros and cons of a curved monitor


  • It reduces glare.
  • Peripheral vision has improved.
  • It was a very realistic experience.
  • It’s better for your eyes.
  • It does not give you a headache as 3D does.
  • Depth is improved.


  • Inexpensive in comparison.
  • The user must take a seat in the middle.
  • When the screen is huge, it works well.


The answer to “Are curved monitors worth it”? varies from person to person depending on the use. Since it is an expensive device, you need to do your research before investing in it.

Ask any designer if a curved monitor is good for CAD and they will affirm. Curved displays may be the best choice for experienced AutoCAD professionals, as long as you don’t sit too near to the screen and don’t push your nose inside the monitor.