How to block GPS signal on ankle monitor

If you’re using an ankle monitor to track your whereabouts and you don’t want it broadcasting your location to a global positioning system (GPS) receiver, you can disable the signal. This will prevent the monitoring company from receiving your location data. To know how to block GPS signal on ankle monitor read till the end.

How to block GPS signal on ankle monitor?

If you want to disable the GPS tracking on your ankle monitor, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can disable the tracking altogether by going into the device’s settings and disabling the “GPS” function. To disable the GPS signal on an ankle monitor:

  1. Access the settings on your ankle monitor.
  2. Find and click the “GPS” button.
  3. Find and click the “Location Settings” tab.
  4. Find and click the “Disable GPS” button.

Alternatively, you can block the GPS signal from being sent to the monitoring service. This can be done by either turning off your device’s antenna or by installing an anti-tracking app on your phone.

Lastly, you can try to spoof the GPS signal by positioning your device in an area where there is no reliable signal.

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7 ways to block GPS signal on an ankle monitor

  1. Use an ankle monitor with a built-in stalker blocker.
  2. Disconnect the battery from the ankle monitor when not in use.
  3. Hide the ankle monitor inside a sock or under clothing.
  4. Use a tracking blocker app on your smartphone to disable GPS tracking on your ankle monitor.
  5. Change the GPS location setting on your ankle monitor to “Off. “
  6. Remove metal objects (clips, buckles, rings) from around your ankle monitor when not in use.
  7. Disable Bluetooth on your smartphone if using an ankle monitor with a built-in stalker blocker.

Are all ankle monitors have GPS?

There is a growing concern about ankle monitors as they are being worn by prisoners and probationers in the United States. Many ankle monitors have GPS capabilities, but what does this mean for those wearing them? GPS monitoring can be used to track a person’s movements in three dimensions.

This information can be used to monitor the person’s whereabouts, whether they are breaking their probation terms or parole conditions, or even if they are committing a crime. Some people believe that GPS monitoring is an invasion of privacy. Others say that it helps ensure that criminals are kept under close surveillance.

There are concerns about the potential for misuse of this information, though, and about the possibility that people who are not supposed to have access to this information will be able to learn too much about the movements of other people.

Is there an app to detect a GPS tracker?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different tracking devices use different frequencies for transmitting their signals. However, a few apps that may be able to block GPS tracking signals on ankle monitors are BlockGPS (for Android) and GPS Stoppers (for iOS).

Both of these apps require input from the user specifying the type of tracker being blocked – such as a Garmin or Fitbit – and then they will begin scanning for any nearby signals. If a signal is detected, the app will take appropriate action, such as disabling the tracker or sending alerts to the user’s phone.

Does foil block the GPS signal?

There is some debate over whether or not foil blocks GPS signals. The consensus seems to be that it does, but the jury is still out on how effective it is. Tests have been done on both live and simulated satellites, and the results seem to suggest that foil can indeed cause a decrease in signal strength. Despite this, there are many people who swear by the effectiveness of foil as a way to protect their devices from GPS tracking.

Some people believe that the signal is blocked enough that it’s no longer possible for devices to track you, while others claim that even if the signal is diminished, it’s still possible to track your movements using other methods. It’s ultimately up to you whether or not you think foil is an effective way to protect your privacy.

Does the magnet block the GPS signal on ankle monitor?

The short answer is that it depends on the model of ankle monitor and the type of magnet. Most models have a metal backplate that helps to block some signals, but not all. Some models have a built-in antenna that can help to get around interference from GPS satellites.

If your ankle monitor has an antenna, try moving the magnet near the antenna instead of the backplate to see if that improves reception. If you still experience problems, your monitor may need to be replaced.

Is It Illegal to Block Gps Signals from An Ankle Monitor?

It is not illegal to block GPS signals from an ankle monitor, as long as the person wearing the monitor has consent from their supervisor. In most cases, blocking GPS signals is not a violation of company policy. However, if a GPS signal is necessary for the administration of justice, then blocking it may be against company policy.

Does an ankle monitor transmit GPS while charging?

An ankle monitor is a device worn on the ankle or foot that monitors a person’s location and activity. While they are being charged, some devices may transmit their location to a server, potentially revealing your personal information.

To be sure your location is not transmitted while your monitor is being charged, make sure to turn off the GPS function on your device and disconnect it from the charger when not in use. Additionally, you can disable wireless charging on your phone if you are concerned about monitoring.


If you’re using an ankle monitor to track your whereabouts and are concerned about the privacy of your movements, there are a few things you can do to help protect your privacy. First, make sure that the GPS signal is blocked on your device; this will prevent anyone from tracking your location using the monitor.

You can also choose to disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on the ankle monitor to reduce the amount of information that is shared with whoever is monitoring your monitors. Finally, be sure to periodically change the password on your monitoring account so that no one else has access to the data being collected. I hope that after reading this article you got how to block GPS signals on ankle monitors.