Do You Keep Baby Monitor On All Night

There are no fixed rules when it comes to parenting! It’s just you and your parental instincts that lead. Deciding when to stop using the baby’s breathing monitor is a personal choice, depending on your child’s sleep schedule and habits.

Babies are able to sleep through the night at the age of 6 months without being fed. Hence, the answer to if you need to keep the baby monitor on all night is “No.” If your baby sleeps fine throughout the night except for occasional stirring, you can switch off the monitor and go to sleep.

What is the benefit of using a baby monitor?

As new parents, separation anxiety is common, especially if you have a big house or separate floors. Besides, newborns need multiple feeds throughout the night, and a monitor is a great help in letting you know when the baby’s up.

However, there is no use in keeping the baby monitor on all night once your baby is old enough to sleep during the night without a feed. Babies go through multiple sleep cycles, and disturbing them during light sleep may wake them up. It also deprives you of a good night’s sleep necessary to take care of your baby during the day.

How to use a baby monitor at night?

The trick to using a baby monitor that is good for both you and the baby is to not overdo it. Do not run to your child’s crib whenever you hear a slight shuffle or cry. Sometimes turning off the monitor and letting the baby cry is essential for developing self-soothing techniques in your child.

Turning off the camera on the monitor or using an audio-only monitor is an excellent option if you are someone who obsessively checks on during the night. This way, you can wake up whenever your baby cries without checking the camera every few minutes.

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Is it ok to not use a baby monitor?

It is completely fine not to use a baby monitor at all! If your baby sleeps in the same room as you during the initial few months, you probably do not need to monitor them. You can also choose to turn off the baby monitor during the night and only use it during a nap or when you are out.

If you are unsure about turning off the monitor, try keeping it on for one night and turning it off the next. This will get you out of the conditioning that you need to track your baby’s sleep throughout the night.


The answer to “Do you keep the baby monitor on all night?” depends on your personal preference. While a baby monitor may help provide added security to your kids, obsessive tracking prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Once your baby is 6 months or old enough to sleep throughout the night, there is no need for you to keep checking the cam all the time.